Metro Detroit USBC League Codes  
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Codes League Name
AI001 F Troop
AI003 Pop's Comets
AI004 Airway Eagles
AI005 SixPackers
AI006 Westside Merchants
AI007 Thursday Men
AI009 Airway Blind Bowlers
AI011 Monday Doubles
AI019 Saturday Nite Live
AI024 Latin League
AI031 Friday Night Nutties
AI035 Friends Of Marty
AI094 Red Wing Family - Airway
AI095 Red Wing Family Winter - Airway
AI101 Sunbeams
AI102 Bowling Angels
AI103 Airway First
AI104 Airway Gutter Dusters
AI105 Friday Night Ladies
AI106 Airway Jets
AI108 Sam Greaves Lady Masters
AP002 F R F C
AP101 Apollo Dames
AS003 Thursday Night Mens
AS006 Hazel Park Eagles
AS007 Adjusters
AS009 GM Mens Mon Night
AS016 Alleyholics Mixed League
AS017 Suburban Architectural
AS027 Survivors
AS028 Detroit Architectural
AS031 E O Saturday Nite Pin Busters
AS036 Gutter Dusters
AS038 Monday Night Mens
AS055 Family & Friends
AS101 Eagle Ladies
AS104 Diamond Girls
AS106 Lightning Strikers
BC001 St Eugenes Mens
BC003 Mr & Mrs Saturday Night
BC004 Young Couples
BC006 Covenant Community Church Mixed
BC105 Ladies Classic Trio
BE003 Pat Weedon Memorial
BE005 George Clark Senior Mixed
BE008 Trenton Wed Night House
BE010 Sunday Kings & Queens
BE011 Saturday Night Out
BE020 Saturday Kings & Queens
BE024 Party R Us
BE025 Sunday Funnies #1 Mixed
BE028 Ed Mannix Tue Classic
BE101 Wednesday Night Belmar II First Ladies
BE102 Ladies Daytime
BE103 Monday Night Ladies
BE105 Alley Cats
BI001 Robert Darin Friday Mix
BI002 Pulaski Mixed
BI003 Monday Men
BI004 Wed Night Mens
BI012 Friends & Neighbors
BI013 Wyandotte Shores
BI014 Sunday Men Hangover
BI015 Sunday Night Celebrities
BI101 Tuesday Bowlerettes
BI102 Monday Night Ladies
BI103 Friday Night Ladies
BL004 Riverview Memorial
BL007 Heritage 3078 Seniors K Of C
BL009 Hits & Misses
BL011 Sunday Morning Lincoln
BL013 GLSM Dick Jeannette Memorial
BL014 Wayne County Men
BL015 Friday Night Mens
BL016 Sunday 8 Pm Mixed
BL017 Friends & Neighbors
BL018 Belmar Every Other Wk Mixed
BL102 Belmar Ladies
BN001 A C Boosters
BN003 Sunday 1 Pm Mixed
BN006 Detroit Housing Comm
BN012 St Dorothy Mens
BN015 Wed Night Mx
BN020 Local 961
BN022 Sat Night Mixers
BN027 Bonanza Every Other
BN031 JNAP 6pm Mixed
BN033 Tuesday Nite Mixer
BN035 Little Rock Rollers
BN036 Friends And Family Of Fun
BN038 Warren Sterling Kings & Queens
BN101 PM Ladies
BN102 Mod Squad
BO002 Gus Ponders Sr Classic
BO005 Bowl One Classic
BO006 Ford General Classic
BO015 Saturday Nite Special
BO016 Dunord Mixed
BO020 Guys & Gals
BO028 Bowl One Sunday Gems
BO029 Holy Cross Mixed
BO031 Adams & Eves
BO033 G M Mens #1
BO041 Sunday Moanin'
BO045 Bags 'N Balls
BO055 Saturday Nite Mixers
BO057 Moose & Friends
BO058 On My Own Bowling
BO061 Red Wing Club - Bowl One
BO062 Red Wing Adult/Youth - Bowl One
BO101 Ladies Nite Out
BO105 Lady Bowlerettes
BO107 S & B Ladies Classic
BR001 Monday Nite Mixed
BR002 D W S D Mixed League
BR003 Chry Tues Morn Mix
BR004 Community Mixed Plus Two
BR011 Red Devils
BR012 Las Vegas Bound
BR013 Fantastics Inc Mixed
BR016 Sunday Gents
BR026 Hydra-Matic Mixed
BR031 Wed Morn Earlybirds
BR034 Afternoon Mixed Postal
BR037 New Grace Friends Of Fun
BR038 Dodge City Rollers Mixed Trio
BR039 Thursday Sen Mens Dbls
BR102 Det Bd Of Ed Ladies Quad
BW007 Bowlero Sunday Mixed
BW008 Red Wings - Fall - Bowlero
BW009 Red Wings - Winter - Bowlero
BW103 Bowlero Bowlerettes
CE001 Highland Eagles
CE002 Couples Night Out
CE005 Barhoppers
CE008 Thursday Mens House
CE009 Century Skirts & Shirts
CE010 Tuesday Night Mixers
CE011 Saturday Nite Guys & Dolls
CE020 Saturday Nite Live
CE024 Sunday Nite Mixers
CE030 2 + 2 Mixed
CE033 Red Wing Bowling - Century
CE034 Red Wing Club - Century
CE102 Ladies Night Out
CH001 Thursday Nite Mens Invitational
CH002 Ford Maintenance Local 600
CH003 Inkster Senior Citizens
CH004 Dearborn Mixed
CH005 Don Kaminski Classic 2009-2010
CH007 Best Of SNL
CH009 Tuesday Nite Men
CH011 Kings & Queens
CH013 Jack & Jill
CH017 Sat Specials
CH020 Saturday Night High Flyers
CH021 Oakwood Mixed
CH022 Tons Of Fun
CH023 Friday Night Men
CH024 Saturday Nite Live
CH026 K Of C Mixed
CH031 Dearborn Schoolmen
CH032 St Barbara's Mixed Fun
CH034 Friday Mixed
CH103 Bowling Bags
CH104 Wednesday Nightmares
CH105 Foxy Ladies
CH110 Dearborn Strikers
CI003 St Charles Men
CI004 Guys And Dolls
CI005 Chrysler Sandbaggers
CI010 Friendly Gang Mx
CI014 Friday Morning Mixed
CI019 Moslem Shriners Mixed Lge
CI020 Tues Guys & Dolls
CI021 Lutheran Sr Mens
CI022 Funtimers
CI025 Las Vegas Travelers
CI026 Saturday Nite Mixers
CI044 Sun Night Vegas Opt
CI061 Continental Inv Fri Nite
CI062 Red Wings - Continental
CI063 Red Wings Winter - Continental
CI103 Breakfast Club
CI104 Shoreliners
CI105 Angelettes
CI106 Continental Gems
CI113 North Shore Mothers
CI116 Wednesday Nite Bowlerettes
CI117 Fraser Follies
CI120 RJ'S/Continental Lanes Singles
CL002 Untouchables Mixed
CL007 UAW Local 412
CL013 Odd Couples
CL101 Wicked Wednesday Women
CM001 Oak Club Mens
CM002 Peace Lutheran Mens
CM003 Wed Aft Six Pack
CM004 Queens & Jokers
CM005 Ted Meiers Sun Mens
CM006 Kings & Queens
CM007 Clementes Wed Booster
CM008 Southgate Mens
CM009 Olde Buddy's
CN001 Waterford Merchants
CN003 Howes Merry Mixers
CN004 Howe's Hillbillies
CN005 Guys & Dolls
CN007 Moonliters
CN008 Dixie All Stars
CN010 Skirts & Shirts
CN011 Bucks N Does
CN013 Saturday Nite Strikers
CN014 Sunday Night Leftovers
CN015 Strikes And Pairs
CN017 Tri-City Mens
CN018 Merry Mixers-Sat
CN019 Waterford Mens
CN021 Saturday Night Live
CN023 Hills Howlers
CN024 Mixed - 4 - Fun
CN025 Late Birds
CN029 Clarkston Area Mixers
CN033 Red Wing Family Dbls - CN
CN034 Red Wings Family Dbls Spring - CN
CN101 Wednesday Night Special
CN103 The Jets
CN107 Cherry Hill Sweethearts
CO003 Oxford Wildcats
CO006 Every Other Sat Nite
CO007 Oxford Merchants
CO010 Oxford 2 + 2
CO012 Oxford Kings & Queens
CO020 Sunday Night PBA Experience
CO101 Maids Day
CO103 Oxford Ladies
CO105 Girls Night Out
CO106 Bowling Bags Trio
CV001 Sports Center Sunday
CV002 Nite Train Express Mixed
CV006 Saturday Nite Live Mixed Trio
CV008 Friday Nite Live
CV009 Monday Morning Mixed Foursome
CV012 Monday Retired Citizens
CV013 Sunkist Mx Lg
CV016 Unity Adult Mixed League
CV017 Wednesday Pride
CV018 Pin Pals
CV019 8th Westside Mix
CV023 Renaissance Mixed
CV024 Sunday Afternoon Mixed Doubles
CV026 Tues Prime Time
CV035 Thursday Senior Mixed
CV037 Saturday Night Goodtimers
CV039 AARP Senior Trio
CV041 T C A C
CV043 Postal Fun Trio
CV044 Sinai Grace Mixed
CV045 Vacation Mixed
CV046 Wen-Mixed
CV047 Wed AM Mixed Doubles
CV050 Holy Rollers
CV053 O'Le Mixed League
CV055 Westside Sunday Mix
CV056 Wednesday Classic Mixed
CV101 Friday Nite Women
CY005 American Legion
CY006 Greenfield Mixed
CY007 Monday Nite Men's
CY008 Metro Highway
CY010 University Men
CY012 Tuesday Nite Men
CY015 Country Keglers
CY017 Sunday All Over Mixed
CY018 Oldies But Goodies
CY019 Sunday Goodtimers
CY022 Senior Wing Dingers
CY023 American Legion Ma & Pa
CY024 Brotherhood E-Jacobson
CY027 Dirty Dozen
CY029 Saturday Odd Couples
CY031 Swinging Nineties Mx
CY033 Temple Israel Brotherhood
CY035 Friday Mixed Trio
CY038 Guys & Dolls
CY102 Prince Of Peace
CY103 Country Janes
CY106 Monday Sr Friends & Neighbors
CY107 Wednesday Nite Ladies
CY110 Friday Women's Forum
CY111 Afternoon D'Lites
CY112 Tuesday Morning Ladies
DA001 Monday 6:00
DA002 Friday 7:00
DA003 Monday 8:15
DA004 Tuesday 5:30
DA005 Tuesday 3:30
DA006 Thursday 8:15
DA007 Wednesday 5:30
DA008 Wednesday 8:15
DA009 Friday 4:15
DA010 Thursday 5:30
DA011 Wednesday 3:00
DA012 Monday 4:00
DA013 Tuesday 8:15
DA014 Thursday 3:00
DR001 Merchant Men
DR004 JB Webb Bowling League
DR005 Farmington Mixed
DR006 Farmington Elks 1986 Mixed
DR007 Suburban Lakes
DR010 Farmington Elks 1986 Mens
DR011 Digital Mixed
DR013 Farmington Hills Municipal Mix
DR015 Easy Commuters
DR016 Fun N Run
DR018 Downtown Fox
DR019 Red Wing Club - Drakeshire
DR020 Spare Time Mixed
DR022 Goodtimers
DR026 Saturday Nite Trip Outs
DR102 Drakeshire Ladies Classic
DR103 Wed Nite Ladies Trio
DR104 Drakettes
DR107 Drakeshire Damsels
FA001 Devlieg Mens
FA003 Tuesday Early Elks
FA004 Our Lady Of Fatima Mens
FA007 CAM Afternoon League
FA008 Wednesday Night Strikers
FA010 Saturday Night Mixers
FA012 Saturday Night Pinjammers
FA014 B T I Sunday Mixed
FA015 Dolan Rowdy Mixed
FA017 Strikes & Spares
FA021 St Cletus Mens
FA024 Red Run Mens Bowling
FA026 C A M Evening
FA027 Goodtimers Mixed
FA029 Red Wings Bowling Club - Fairlanes
FA101 Striking Ladies
FA103 Royal Madison Ladies
FA104 Tuesday Fairladies
FA105 Fairlanes Ladies Singles
FD001 Saturday Night Kings & Queens
FD002 Saturday Nite Mixed
FD003 Tuesday Nite Men
FD004 Bi-Weekly Mixed 08-09
FD005 Ford Research 2009/1010
FD008 Ford Division Purchasing 09-10
FD010 Wednesday Night Men 08-09
FD014 Never On Sunday
FD015 Saturday Nite Extra Special
FD016 Taylor Mixed Invitational
FD017 Ford Monday Mixers
FD019 Strikes & Mrs Mixed
FD020 Dirty Dozen
FD021 Ford Scientific Research
FD022 Friday Five
FD023 Mens Comedy Central 08-09
FD024 Rock N Bowlers
FD025 Friday Night Happy Hour
FD028 Dearborn Business Men 09-10
FD032 Renaissance
FD033 Red Wings Doubles - Ford
FD102 Lucky Ladies 09-10
FD103 Westborn Women
FD105 The Lively Ones
FD109 Wild On Wednesday
FE002 Thunder Rollers
FE009 Monday Nite Mens
FE010 Overtime Trio
FE012 Wednesday Night Mixers
FH001 Fern Hill Monday Night Men
FH006 Party People Mix
FH101 Tuesday Night Ladies
FP012 Fort Park Saturday Night Mixed A
FP101 Mon Nite Bowlerettes
FR007 Alley Cats Mixed
FR008 Macomb Blind Bowlers
FR009 Fraser Stars
FR013 Servite Of St John Berchman
FR014 Veterans Mens Invitational
FS002 St Jane Men
FS003 Chrysler Central Engineering
FS005 Tri County Mens
FS006 Tues Nite 5 Star Men
FS008 5 Star Sunday Morning
FS010 5 5 5 League
FS013 Luz-Vi- Min Mixed
FS015 Thursday Night Job Shop
FS016 Hits And Misses
FS020 Chevy 4:00 P M
FS021 Gutter Dusters B
FS026 Saturday Nite Special
FS028 Gutter Dusters C Div
FS030 Pleasure Mixed
FS031 Gutter Dusters A
FS033 Starlighters Mixed
FS036 Five Star Stingers
FS040 Friday Morning Seniors
FS101 Monday Ladies Trio
FS102 Thursday Morning Friends
FS104 Wednesday Vagabonds
FS105 Ten Pin
FS106 Thursday Morning Eyeopeners
FS108 Huntington Woods Ladies
FS109 Tuesday Morning Eye Openers
FS112 Friday Nite Ladies
FV006 Saturday Nite Guys N Gals
FV008 Highrollers
FV018 Kingpins
FV052 City Lutheran
FV101 Twilite Ladies
FV108 Lucky Stars
FV111 Village Bowlerettes
FV121 Friday Slammers
GB003 Garden Bowl Retirees
GP001 Mon Mens Stag
HB002 Budd Wed Night Mens
HB003 Thursday Night Jr House
HB004 Jack & Jills Fun League
HB005 St. Isaac Joques Tuesday Night Mens
HB006 Eastside Builders Supply
HB008 Macomb County Bd Of Realtors
HB009 Double Trouble
HB013 Lake Shore Mixed
HB015 Harbor Lanes Kings & Queens
HB016 Saturday Night Swingers
HB019 Tue Sr Trio
HB101 Thursday Aft Inv Singles Sn
HB104 Inter-Parish Ladies
HB106 Eastside Earlybirds
HT003 Thursday Night Mens
HT005 St Stephen A M E Church
HT006 Adcraft Mixed
HT007 St Paul United Methodist
HT008 Pinspillers
HT009 Inner City Fellowship
HT011 Greater Grace Temple Friday
HT013 American Christian Bowlers Assoc
HT014 E O Sun Night Mixed
HT016 Sunday's Best
HT022 Saturday Nite Mixed
HT023 Wed Sparetimers
HT024 The Variety Far Striker
HT025 Red Wing - Hartfield
HT026 Red Wing Club 2 - Hartfield
HT103 The Night Owls
HZ002 Pepsi Classic
HZ003 Satellite Mixed
HZ004 Other Saturday Night
HZ009 Hazel Tuckey EOS
HZ017 Sr Funtimers
HZ020 Double Trouble
HZ021 Roll Ups
HZ026 Spartan League
HZ031 Tuesday Classic Trio
HZ032 Build - A - Game
HZ033 Lucky Digits
HZ104 Women's Monday Morning Trio
IM001 Imperial Guys & Dolls
IM002 Imperial Margarines
IM003 Business & Industrial
IM004 American Mens Bowling League
IM005 Hits And Misses
IM007 Imperial Balls & Bags
IM008 Kings & Queens
IM010 Imperial Friday Men
IM012 Wed Night Happy Hour
IM013 Knights & Guards
IM016 Imperial Businessmen
IM018 Redemption Bowling League
IM021 Let It Roll Mixed Lg
IM024 Saturday Nite Swingers
IM026 Sunday Morning Parent & Child
IM027 Sunday Morning Father & Son
IM028 Saturday Night Misfits
IM030 Imperial Kings & Queens
IM033 Six O'Clock Special
IM036 Friday Night Couples
IM037 Immanuel-Trinity Fellowship
IM039 Sunday Dixon Dolls
IM040 Saturday Night Fever
IM043 Father & Sons II
IM044 Afternoon Delight Mixed
IM051 Clinton First
IM102 Wednesday Night Cast Offs
IM103 Imperial Women
IM104 Dirty Dozen
IM106 Imperial Swingers
IM107 T L C
IM108 Coffee Clutchers
IM109 Imperial Queens
IM111 Imperialettes
IM114 Morning Moms
IM115 High Low Rollers
IM119 Afternoon Playgirls
IM120 Monday Lucky Ladies
IM121 Monday Night Rollers
IN001 Saturday Night Highlite
IN002 Wyandotte Men 2009-10
IN003 Bucks & Squaws
IN013 The Glens Mixed
IN020 Saturday Night Live
IN029 United States Gypsum Mixed
IN031 Vegas Getaway
IN032 PRCU Guys & Dolls
IN033 Strikes & Beers
IN040 Red Wings Saturday - Indian
IN041 Red Wings Fri - Indian
IN042 Red Wing - Indian
IN101 Wed Night Twilight Squaws
IN102 Ten Pins
IN108 Tuesday Morning Early Birds
IN109 Mustangs
KG004 United Mixers
KG006 Good Timers
KG007 Victory League
KG010 Lutheran Mens
KG012 Saturday Night Jokers Wild
KG021 Wednesday Inv'l Bowling Lge
KG052 Split Happens
KG053 Zion UCC
KG054 Red Wings - Kingswood
KG102 Tuesday Morning Ladies
LS001 Friendship
LS003 Christian Fellowship
LS006 Warren Woods Baptist
LW001 Tuesday Bucks & Does
LW002 Elks Sunday Sinners
LW003 Lakewood Monday Night Mens
LW004 Adam & Eve
LW010 PBA Exp Trio
LW011 Lakewood Saturday Mixed
LW012 YBFPMP Senior League
LW014 Kennedy's Irish Pub Mixed
LX003 Tuesday Evening Misfits
LX005 Ferndale Elks
LX006 Every Other Sunday Mix
LX010 Jacks & Jills
LX011 Detroit Rotary Bowling
LX018 Renaissance Rollers
LX019 Red Wings 2 - Luxury
LX020 Red Wings 3 - Luxury
LX102 L L L H L
LX103 Luxury Ladies Inv Classic
LX105 Roosevelt Bowlerettes
MP001 Madison Park Mixers
MP002 Sunday Mixed Nuts
MP003 Wayne County Mxd Foursome
MR003 Mercury A M Seniors
MR004 Thursday Fellowship
MR005 Mercury Tuesday Mixers
MR006 Mercury Monday Retirees
MR008 Unity Mixed
MR009 Monday Night Mixed
MR010 Central CME Mixed
MR014 Ford Tool & Die
MR016 Rovers Sunday Trio
MR017 Lucky Four Handicapped Mixed
MU101 Thursday Night Ladies
MW004 Saturday Nite Ladies & Gents
MW005 Rite On Time
MW011 Detroit Firefighters
MW015 Northwestern Mixed
MW016 Gutterdusters
MW018 Nottingham's Mixed
MW022 Saturday Night Hot Shots II
MW026 2009-10 Big 10 Mixed
MW027 Over & Under
MW029 Fairbanks & Friends
MW031 St Valentine Mixed
MW038 Funtimers
MW039 Sunday Trio
MW044 Red Wings - Merri Bowl
MW045 Red Wing Club - Merri Bowl
MW103 Ladies Fun Nite Foursome
MW106 Sundowners Women
MW108 Ladies Doubles
MW111 Wed Toast & Coffee
MW113 Merri Mergers
MW117 Tuesday Merri Bowlers
MY001 Mayflower Fri Srs
MY002 Monday Men's Trio
MY003 Senior Mens Classic
MY004 Odd Couples
MY005 Friday Knights
MY008 Westland Center Mens
MY011 Mayflower Mon Srs
MY012 The Crowd
MY021 Thomas Dooley K Of C
MY025 Det Diesel Trio Classic
MY030 Sat Nite Going Nowhere
MY033 Sparetimers Mixed
MY035 TNT Mixed
MY036 Remnant Christian Saturday Trio 2009
MY037 Eloise-Ebenezer
MY038 Red Wings Club - Mayflower
MY039 Red Wings II - Mayflower
MY104 Monday Night Ladies
NH002 North Hill Sunday Mixed
NH006 Avon Tuesday Nite Men
NH101 Rochester Womens Tueday Night Bowling
NH102 Women's Athletic
NH119 Thursday Morning Glories
NV001 Monday Junior House
NV002 Guys & Dolls
NV004 Wednesday Nite Mixed
NV006 Lucky Ones
NV007 Novi Bags & Balls
NV013 Mens Lutheran
NV015 Novi Spirits
NV101 Northville Women's
NV103 Northville-Novi Women
NV104 Novi Swingers
OL101 Monday Night Ladies
OX001 Pingree CSA Mens
OX005 Odd Couples
OX007 Sunday Night Mixed
OX009 Queen's Mixed
OX012 Ford Truck
OX015 FEEBL National
OX017 Engineering Technical Services
OX019 Maple Knights 5:00 PM
OX020 His & Hers
OX021 Fairlane Mixed
OX104 Dearborn Recreation Ladies
OX105 Divine Child Women's
PH001 Friday Nite Out
PH002 Saturday Nite Elite Mixed
PH003 T N T Mixed League
PH006 Friday Morning Mixed Trio
PH008 First Baptist Institutional
PH009 Tuesday Mixed Foursome
PH010 Plum Crazy
PH011 L T B & Frenz
PH013 Sunday Holy Rollers
PH015 Hartford Memorial Mx
PH016 Providence Mixed
PH018 Traveleers Mixed
PH020 Early Bird Mx Seniors
PH021 Sun Morning Doubles
PH023 Fellowship Chapel
PH026 Monday Mixers
PH101 Plum Hollow Honies
PH107 Wednesday Earlybirds
PK004 Parkway Wednesday Men
PK012 Thursday Morning Mens Trio
PK013 Grosse Ile Mixed
PK020 Friday Night Mixed
PK022 Monday Nite Trio
PK025 Saturday Nite Mixed Parkway
PK029 H S C Mens
PK101 Monday Nite Pros
PK103 Thursday Morning Misfits
PL002 Fomoco Thurs Night
PL003 Great 8 Invitational
PL004 Friday Night Live
PL005 Guys & Dolls
PL006 VFW Mixed
PL007 UNISYS Mixed Bowling Lg
PL011 Plaza Wed Nite Men
PL015 Happy Kings & Queens
PL016 St Colette Mens
PL023 Money Makers
PL024 Our Gang Mixed
PL025 The Westside Lutheran League
PL026 Plaza Men
PL027 Bowling Buddies
PL029 Pistols & Petticoats
PL030 Kings & Queens
PL032 3 PM
PL033 St Kenneth Holy Bowlers
PL034 Jacks & Jills Mixed
PL102 Ford Cougars
PL103 O L G C Women
PL104 Wonder Women
PL105 Tuesday Nite Ladies
PM002 Sunday Mixers
PM003 Thurs Mixed
PM004 860 Classic
PM005 Michigan Automotive Men
PM006 Hard Rollers
PM011 Pampa Jr Classic
PM012 Bags And Balls Mixed
PM013 Sundowners Mixed
PM014 Pampa Sunday Nooners Mx
PM016 GM Wed Mens Lge
PM017 Pampa Social
PM021 Pampa Tuesday Men
PM028 Sunday PBA Trio
PM107 Women In Charge
PM111 Monday Ladies
PM112 West End Girls
PR020 Dolls & Guys
PR021 Thursday Night Misfits Men's
PR101 Monday Nite Ladies
RC010 Rec Bowl Wednesday Nite
RG001 Father Kramer K Of C
RG002 Sunday Friends
RG003 Dodge City
RG008 Electrical Workers L U 58 Men
RG011 Regal Rowdies
RG013 Regal Swingers
RG016 Hoosier Mens League
RG017 Family Twosome
RG018 Board Of Education
RG019 K Of C Mixed
RG024 Thorpe Mixed Homeowners
RG028 Powertrain Trio
RG032 Tuesday Night Jr House
RG033 SNPJ Mixed
RG034 Wednesday Regal Men
RG035 Cops & Robbers
RG039 65+ Senior Classic
RG040 Red Wing Lge - Regal
RG041 Red Wing / Pistons Regal
RG101 Friday Early Birds
RG102 Wed Night Ladies Foursome
RG103 Regal 8 PM Ladies
RG105 Regal Jills
RN001 Parker Mixed
RN005 Tuesday Morning Goodtimers
RN006 Considine Seniors Mixed
RN007 Davison Missionary Baptist Church Mixed
RN009 World Travelers
RN010 Metro Fellowship Mixed
RN014 Motor City Blind Bowlers
RN015 Saturday Night Special
RN018 Northville Friendship Mixed
RN021 36th District Court Mx
RN028 Detroit Retirees
RN029 Coleman Young-Butzel Srs
RN030 Monday Morn Trio
RN032 Tuesday Retiree Mix League
RN033 Best Bars In Town
RN034 2nd Baptist 2nd Canaan Church Mixed
RN037 Wednesday Night Mx
RN38 Easyrollers Mixed
RS001 J F Meyka Suburban Industrial
RS002 Fri Nite Kings & Queens
RS007 Our Lady Queen Of Peace
RS011 Sat Nite Mixed
RS012 King Pin Mens
RS015 Saturday Nite Mixed Nuts
RS020 Unity Mixed
RS026 Guardian Angels
RS030 Family, Friends & Lovers
RS031 Sunday Rollers
RS034 Roseville Teachers Mixed
RS036 Saturday Nite Fever
RS037 Mama's & Papa's Sunday PM
RS041 St Paul Lutheran
RS042 Friday Nite Fun
RS045 Family Mixed
RS046 Mens Industrial Trio
RS055 Merry Mixers
RS056 Just For Fun - Saturday
RS057 Pointers & Setters
RS103 Rosebowl Office Girls
RS108 Rosebowl Ladies Wed Nites
RS109 Ladies Night Out
RS110 Early Birdettes
RS114 Classy Ladies Invitational
RV004 Ball & Chain
RV005 Roosevelt Sunday Morn Men
RV006 Hi Rollers
RV007 Saturday Night Specials I
RV010 Roosevelt Thursday Men
RV011 Tuesday 6:00 Men
RV012 Saturday Specials 2
RV013 Sunday EOW Mixed
RV015 Saturday Mixed
RV016 TGI Funnies 2
RV020 Sunday Vegas
RV021 TGI Funnies 1
RV022 Ford Traffic
RV101 Allen Park Ladies
RV103 The Early Birds
RV108 Thursday Ladies
RY001 Royal DPL Mixed League
RY002 Jack Fulco's Sun Early Risers
RY003 Bagley Community
RY004 Post Office Nite
RY010 Detroit Trim Mixed - Disbanded
RY011 Royal Lanes Sr Mens Classic
RY012 Wayne County DSS
RY014 Monday E-Z Rollers
RY017 Tues Seniors
RY018 30 & Out
RY021 Sophisticated Seniors
RY022 Pleasant Grove Mixed
RY023 Local 1264
RY024 Royal Guys & Dolls
RY026 Metro CAUM
RY027 Sunday Afternoon Mixed Travelers
RY101 Sunday Morning Ladies
RY105 Royal Wed Morning Stars
SB003 Ford Trio League
SB004 Friday Kings & Queens
SB005 Sat Night Crooners
SB009 Saturday Niters Mixed
SB011 2604 League
SB013 Shelby Shooters
SB017 Shelby Monday Night Mixed
SB019 Greater Utica Men
SB101 Disco Bowlers
SB102 Early Risers
SK002 Robert H Jones Tues Mens
SK004 Monday Nite Mixed
SK009 Let's Roll
SK010 Knights & Ladies
SK013 Friday Nite Men
SK022 Bob Sparks T V N
SK025 Ford Wednesday Men
SK028 Ford Metal Stamping
SK029 Sat Night Strikers
SK030 Sat Nite Owls
SK031 Odd Couples
SK032 Friday Seniors
SK033 Silver Fox Seniors
SK038 Wayne County Mixed
SK039 Southminster Presbyterian
SK045 Sat Nite Mixed
SK061 09-10 Parent/Child
SK064 Grand Doubles Spring
SK066 Friends & Family
SK067 Red Wing Club Sunday - Skore
SK068 Red Wings Club
SK101 Lucky Ladies
SK102 Thursday Nite Ladies
SK105 Morning Glories
SL002 Gutter Gang
SL007 Friday Nite Pin Grinders
SL008 Saturday Night Live
SL016 Wednesday Nite Mixed
SL019 Salt River Mens Trio
SL020 Selfridge Friday Night Mixed
SL103 Salt River Sassies
SL105 Wednesday Winners
SM002 Fri Night Mixed 2009/2010
SM003 Odd Couples
SM004 Bi-Weaklings
SM005 Sunday Night Mixed
SM007 Sportsmans
SM101 Summit Nite Swingers
SM103 Monday Night Ladies
SM105 Thursday Night Ladies
SR001 Shore Lanes Seniors
SR002 St Margarets Tuesday Early
SR003 Friday Nite Men
SR004 Saratoga Mens
SR005 Guys & Dolls
SR006 Bon Secour Hospital Mixed
SR009 Party People Mixed
SR010 S G M L
SR012 Saturday Night Bold Ones
SR015 Jacks & Jills Mixed
SR017 EOW Saturday Night
SR019 Sat Nite Swingers Mixed
SR023 Shore Lanes Mixed
SR035 Bowling For Beer
SR036 Sunday Night Kings & Queens
SR037 Det Reg Knights Of St John
SR107 Wednesday Night Belles
SR110 Friday Eagle Ladies
ST001 Thurs Mens Industrial
ST004 Oldtimers
ST005 Sterling Eastside Sr Classic
ST006 Over The Hill
ST013 Broken Arrows
ST016 Kolping Keglers
ST024 Sr Classic Trio
ST027 Metro East
ST028 Saturday Night Supersports
ST034 Sterling Socialites
ST037 Saturday Funhouse
ST040 Sunday Aft Stars
ST041 EastSide Lutheran 59th Season
ST042 Sterling Mixers
ST043 Mixed Nuts
ST044 Monday Night Pinbusters
ST045 Friendly Couples
ST052 Monday Sr Men
ST055 Red Wings - Sterling
ST102 Wednesday Road Runners
ST106 Sterling Pin Ups
ST109 Coffee Breakers
ST110 Ladies Nite Out
ST117 Fallen Angels
SU001 Playdium Mens Sr House
SU002 Corpus Christi
SU004 Royal Oak Mens
SU006 Sunday Funnies
SU007 Graphic Arts Mixed
SU009 Lexington Mixed
SU011 C J Mixers
SU012 Out Of Range
SU013 Sunnybrook Wed Morn Classic
SU015 Odd Couples
SU017 Tri County Mens
SU018 Belrobin Estates
SU022 Sunnybrook Guys & Dolls
SU023 St Anthony Men
SU026 Saturday Night Sunnybunch
SU028 Sportsmens
SU034 St Nick's Mixed
SU037 Ballbusters
SU038 GCU Inter-Parish Mixed
SU040 San Marino Mens
SU042 Krazy Kats
SU043 Fri Morn 240 Trio
SU044 Sunday Niters
SU045 Big Ten Saturday Night
SU046 Friends & Lovers
SU048 Wednesday Mixed
SU051 Ukrainian Sports Club
SU052 Fun House
SU055 Silver Eagles
SU056 Saturday Nite Movers
SU057 Red Wing Bowling Club - Sunnybrooke
SU058 Red Wings - Sunnybrook
SU103 Powder Puff
SU104 Liberated Women
SU107 Tuesday Ladies
SU108 Ladies Suburbanites
SU111 Thursday Nite Ladies
SU112 Wednesday Ladies Trio
SW002 Detroit Edison Thursday Nite Mixed
SW003 Tuesday Night Men's
SW005 Friday Nite Mixed
SW006 Wednesday Night Mens
TB001 J A Thornton Mixed
TB003 Postal Mxd Trio
TB005 Chapel Hill Mixed
TB013 Free Enterprize Mixed
TB017 Fr Saylor K Of C
TB018 Lou Lavagnino Sr Citizens
TB019 Thursday Night Mix
TB026 Kings & Queens (Arena)
TB027 Downriver Mixed
TB029 Gasco Detroit Mixed
TB031 Good Mixers
TB033 Sun Morn Mens Inv
TB034 JT/JS GLS Invitational
TB043 Allied Towing
TB045 Wednesday A M Mixed Doubles
TB047 Richard Reading Senior Classic
TB050 26 Mixed Invitational
TB051 Monday Night Survivors Mixed
TB054 Semi Seniors Invitational
TB055 Kings & Queens Mixed
TB056 Local 600
TB062 Thunderbowl All Star Classic
TB065 Monday Night Mx Trio Invitational
TB066 Thursday 4 X 4
TB107 Early Morning Sparklers
TB108 Wednesday Nite Jewels
TB112 PrimeTime Mixed Trio
TD001 Tuesday Night Mixed Trio + 1
TD002 Wanderers Mixed
TD005 Thursday T-Bird Men
TD014 Company Challenge
TD022 Chrysler / Elks
TD104 Business Women's
TD105 Afternoon Delights
TD108 Guardian Angels CYO
TH002 Thursday 3 Man Major
TH003 New Bethel Mixed
TH004 Pontiac Motor Inter Office
TH006 Pontiac Community Mx
TH008 Saturday Nite Strikers
TH009 Guys & Dolls
TH010 Friday Morning Mix
TH011 300 Tues House Lge
TH013 Elks 810 Thursday Night Mens
TH015 Sunday Trippers
TH016 Every Other Saturday Night
TH018 Offnighters
TH020 300 Senior Classic Trio
TH021 Saturday Nite Mixed
TH022 Friday 300 Mixed
TH025 Saturday Nite Fever
TH027 Tuesday Inv Shootout
TH101 300 Ladies Night Out
TH103 Wednesday Morning Trio
TH104 GM Girls
TH106 Wednesday Night Ladies
TH107 Sassy Ladies
TR001 Saturday Fun Niters
TR005 Clawson Troy Elks Every Other Sunday
TR006 Metro North Highway
TR009 Troy Monday Mens
TR011 Crittenton Mixed
TR014 Troy Exchange
TR015 Saturday Gems
TR016 Sat Nite Kings & Queens
TR017 Clawson-Troy Elks Thurs Mens
TR038 Sunday Niters
TR039 Red Wing - Troy Adult/Youth
TR040 Red Wing Adult - Troy
TR101 Ladies Majors
TR102 Rockin' Rollers
TS001 Tuesday Jr House
TS003 I O S Bowling League
TS005 Brew Crew
TS006 Sunday A M Beer League
TS009 Total Sports Jr House
TS011 Friendly Senior Mixed
TS012 Total Sports Strikers
TS013 Just For Fun
TS015 MI A N G
TS018 Red Wing - Total Sports
TS101 Totally Female
TT105 Afternooners
TY002 Thursday Newcomers
TY004 Eureka 600
TY005 Taylor Lanes Mixed
TY007 Detroit Metro Airport
TY008 Downriver Contractors
TY009 Saturday Nite Specials
TY011 Saturday Night Fever
TY012 Saturday Night Pinbusters
TY013 Taylor Lanes Mens Invitational
TY015 Sunday Funtimers
TY016 Lads And Lassies
TY019 Kings & Queens
TY023 Airport Mixed
TY024 Edison 8750
TY029 Thursday Nite Lite
TY031 Saturday Nite Live
TY034 Saturday Nite Mixed
TY036 Gutter Dusters
TY040 Sunday Adult Youth
TY047 Latin American Mixed
TY048 Friday Seniors
TY101 Wednesday Wonders
TY104 Girls Nite Out
TY105 Happy Swingers
TY107 Taylor Ladies Jr House
TY108 Taylor Lanes Ladies
TZ000 Canadian Bowlers
TZ002 FOE District 10 Travel
TZ004 Eastside Senior Travel
TZ007 Detroit Traveling All Stars
TZ008 National Traveling Bowling League
TZ101 Westside Ladies Traveling
TZ102 Ladies District #10 Travel
TZ200 Sunday Youth Classic
TZ999 Rerated Bowlers
UN001 Thursday Community
UN003 Monday Night Mens
UN004 Chrysler Tuesday Night Mens
UN007 Scramblers
UN009 Madison Heights Mixed
UN010 Michigan Deaf
UN016 Saturday Night Friendship
UN019 Metro Detroit Friday Night Mixed
UN023 2 Man Mini
VD001 St Thomas Merry Mixers
VD003 Wednesday Nite Men
VD004 St Leonard's King & Queens
VD005 Wandering Gang
VD010 St Ephrem's Mixed
VD101 Ladies Nite Out
VD102 Tuesday Nite Ladies
WD001 Mike Smart Memorial Trio
WD002 Woodland Thur Night Men
WD003 Tuesday Night Men
WD004 Livonia Thursday Men
WD005 Friday Night Out
WD006 Guys & Doll
WD008 Happiness Is
WD009 Grandale
WD014 Sunday Funnies
WD016 Saturday Nite Mixed
WD017 Ford L T P
WD021 Woodland Mixed Doubles
WD022 Saturday Nite Specials
WD023 Jacks & Jills Mixed
WD025 Woodland Swingers
WD026 Woodland Midnighters League
WD027 Motor City Traffic
WD028 Catholic Central Father & Son
WD029 Easy Rollers Trio
WD030 L E A Mixed
WD031 Sunday Nite Kings & Queens
WD032 Painter's West Chicago
WD034 Monday Nite Mens
WD037 St Linus Mixed #1
WD038 Sat Kings & Queens
WD040 Sunsetters
WD042 American Legion Mixed
WD044 Red Wings - Woodland
WD045 Red Wings Mixed - Woodland
WD101 Woodland Rollers
WD103 Ladies Nite Out
WD104 Afternoon Delights
WD106 Woodland Early Birds
WD110 Allstate Ladies
WH001 Woodhaven Ford Mixed
WH005 Jacks & Jills Invitational
WH018 Red Wing Club - Woodhaven
WH019 Monday Red Wings
WH020 Wednesday Red Wing
WL002 St Williams 09/10
WL003 Saturday Night Crawlers
WL005 Assembled Multitude
WL007 Jack - N - Jill
WL008 Wonderland Mr & Mrs
WL010 Excello Mixed
WL011 Pin Slammers
WL012 Monday Men's
WL013 Thursday 5:30 Mens
WL016 Owls & Pussycats
WL017 High Rollers
WL018 Tuesday Night Mens
WL019 Road Runners
WL101 Crazy Eights
WL103 Msfits
WL104 Morning Glory's
WL105 Ten Spots
WL106 Tuesday Night Strikettes
WL107 Tuesday Topplers
WV002 Westside Sr Mens
WV005 Motor City Eagles Lads & Lassies
WV007 Kings & Queens Mixed
WV010 R & M Mens
WV015 Wonderland Classic



TH -- 300 Bowl,

100 S Cass Lake Rd.,

Waterford (248)682-6300

AI -- Airway Lanes,

4825 Highland Rd.,

Waterford (248)674-0424

AP -- Apollo Lanes,

29410 Gratiot Ave.,

Roseville (586)772-2070

AS -- Astro Lanes,

32388 John R Rd., Madison Hts.


BC -- Beech Lanes,

15492 Beech Daly,

Redford (313)531-3800

BE -- Belmar II Lanes,

3351 West Rd.,

Trenton (734)675-8319

BL -- Belmar Lanes,

4035 Fort St.,

Lincoln Park (313)381-4242

BI -- Biddle Bowl,

708 Biddle St.,

Wyandotte (734)283-0660

BN --Bonanza Lanes,

24600 Hoover,

Warren (586)756-3000

BO-- Bowl One Lanes,

1639 E 14 Mile, Troy


BW -- Bowlero Lanes,

4209 Coolidge,

Royal Oak (248)549-7500

BR -- Bronco Lanes,

22323 Ryan Rd.,

Warren (586)756-8200

CE -- Century Bowl,

7345 Highland Rd., Waterford


CH -- Cherry Hill Lanes,

300 N Inkster, Dearborn Heights


CN -- Cherry Hill North,

6697 Dixie Hwy., Clarkston


C --Classic Lanes,

2145 Avon Industrial

Rochester Hills (248)852-9100

CT--Clawson Troy Elks,

1451 E Big Beaver Rd.,

Troy (248)689-2500

CM --Clementes Lanes,

2230 Fort St., Lincoln Park


CV -- Cloverlanes,

28900 Schoolcraft, Livonia

(734) 427-6410

CO -- Collier Lanes,

879 S Lapeer Rd., Oxford


CI -- Continental Lanes,

31055 Gratiot, Roseville


CY -- Country Lanes,

30250 W 9 Mile, Farmington


DA -- Detroit Athletic Club,

241 Madison, Detroit


DR -- Drakeshire Lanes,

35000 Grand River Ave.,

Farmington Hills (248)478-2230

EA -- Eastpointe Bowl

21620 Gratiot, Eastpointe


FA --Fairlanes,

29600 Stephenson Hwy,

Madison Heights (248)548-9333

FH -- Fernhill Country Club,

17600 Clinton River Rd.,

Clinton Township (586)286-4700

FE -- Fiero Lanes,

645 S Opdyke Rd., Auburn Hills


FS -- Five Star Lanes,

2666 Metropolitan Pkwy.,

Sterling Hts (586)939-2550

FD -- Ford Lanes,

23100 Van Born Rd.,

Dearborn Heights (313)292-1700

FP -- Fort Park Rec,

2055 Fort Park Blvd.,

Lincoln Park (313)383-4860

FV -- Fountainview Lanes,

34244 Groesbeck Hwy.,

Clinton Twp (586)792-1900

FR -- Fraser Star Lanes,

33042 Garfield Rd.,

Fraser (586)293-5590

GB -- Garden Bowl,

4120 Woodward Ave.,

Detroit (313)833-9850

GP -- Grosse Pte Yacht Club,

788 Lake Shore Rd.,

Grosse PTE Shores (313)884-2500

HB -- Harbor Lanes,

25419 Jefferson,

Saint Clair Shores (586)772-1200

HT -- Hartfield Lanes,

3490 12 Mile Rd., Berkley


HZ -- Hazel Park Bowl,

24211 Hughes, Hazel Park


HI -- Highland Lanes,

1585 N Duck Lake Rd.,

Highland (248)887-7221

IM -- Imperial Lanes,

44650 Garfield,

Clinton Twp (586)286-8700

IN -- Indian Lanes,

4500 13th St.,

Wyandotte (734)283-4700

KG -- Kingswood Lanes,

44925 N Groesbeck Hwy.,

Clinton Township (586)469-6411

LS -- Lakeshore Lanes,

31025 Jefferson Ave.,

Saint Clair Shores (586)293-2722

LW -- Lakewood Lanes,

3121 W Huron, Waterford


LA -- Langan's All Star Lanes,

257 Ladd Rd.,

Walled Lake (248)669-5400

LX -- Luxury Lanes,

600 E 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale


MP -- Madison Park Bowl,

25023 John R Rd.,

Madison Heights (248)541-9305

MY -- Mayflower Lanes,

26600 Plymouth Rd.,

Redford (313)937-8420

MR -- Mercury Lanes,

7630 Schaefer, Dearborn


MW -- Merri Bowl Lanes,

30950 5 Mile, Livonia


MU -- Mulberry Lanes,

13760 Toledo. Southgate


NH -- North Hill Lanes,

150 W Tienken, Rochester Hills


NV -- Novi Bowl,

21700 Novi Rd., Novi


OL -- Olympic Lanes,

2800 N Milford, Highland


OX -- Oxford Lanes,

2200 S Telegraph,

Dearborn (313)278-6800

PM -- Pampa Lanes,

31925 Van Dyke, Warren


PK -- Parkway Lanes,

2591 Fort St., Trenton


PL -- Plaza Lanes,

42001 Ann Arbor E

Plymouth (734)453-4880

PH -- Plum Hollow Lanes,

21900 W 9 Mile Rd.,

Southfield (248)353-6540

PR -- Premier Lanes,

33151 23 Mile, Chesterfield


PW -- Premier West Lanes,

7100 Cooley Lake Rd.,

Waterford (248)366-9500

RC -- Recreation Bowl,

40 Crocker, Mt. Clemens


RG -- Regal Lanes,

27663 Mound Rd.,

Warren (586)751-4770

RN -- Renaissance Center,

19600 Woodward Ave.,

Detroit (313)368-5123

RV -- Roosevelt Lanes,

6701 Roosevelt Ave.,

Allen Park (313)381-0222

RS -- Rosebowl Lanes,

28001 Groesbeck Hwy.,

Roseville (586)771-4140

RY -- Royal Lanes,

21600 Dequindre, Warren


SL -- Salt River Lanes,

33623 23 Mile, New Baltimore


SG -- Selfridge Lanes,

Selfridge ANG BasE,

Selfridge Ang Base (586)307-5941

SB -- Shelby Lanes,

50721 Van Dyke, Utica


SC -- Shore Crest Lanes,

23117 Harper Ave.,

Saint Clair Shores (586)776-3033

SR -- Shore Lanes,

31100 Harper Ave.,

Saint Clair Shores (586)293-0880

SK -- Skore Lanes,

22255 Ecorse Rd., Taylor


SW -- Southwestern Edison,

4695 W Jefferson Ave.,

Trenton (734)362-2047

ST -- Sterling Lanes,

33200 Schoenherr Rd.,

Sterling Heights (586)979-5200

SM -- Summit Sport Center,

66600 Van Dyke.,

Washington (586)752-7006

SU -- Sunnybrook Lanes,

7191 17 Mile,

Sterling Hts. (586)264-2700

SY -- Sylvan Lanes,

2355 Orchard Lake Rd.,

Sylvan Lake (248)682-0700

TY -- Taylor Lanes

24800 Eureka Rd.,

Taylor (734)946-9092

TD -- Thunderbird Lanes,

400 W Maple Rd.,

Troy (248)362-1660

TB -- Thunderbowl Lanes,

4200 Allen Rd.,

Allen Park (313)928-4688

TS -- Total Sports Lanes,

40510 Production Dr.,

Harrison TWP. (586)465-4000

TZ -- Traveling League

TT -- Trenton Lanes,

3360 W Jefferson, Trenton


TR -- Troy Lanes,

1950 E Square Lake, Troy


TU -- Turbo 2-N-1 Research,

46460 Continental,

Chesterfield (586)598-3948

UN -- Universal Lanes,

2101 E 12 Mile, Warren


VD -- Van Dyke Bowl,

43601 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights


WV -- Wonderland Lanes,

28455 Plymouth Rd.,

Livonia (734)427-1060

WL -- Wonderland Lanes,

8265 Richardson Rd.,

Commerce TWP. (248)363-7131

WH -- Woodhaven Center,

20000 Van Horn Rd.,

Woodhaven (734)675-3554

WD -- Woodland Lanes,

33775 Plymouth Rd.,

Livonia (734)522-4515